Sri Rama Rama Ramethi Rame Rame Manorame

Sahasra Nama tathulyam Rama Nama Varanane!

Dear Divine Souls!

Almost everyone in one’s own way, at different times in a day, has been doing some chanting or the other of a divine name i.e. Nama Japa. But a collective chanting of any selected divine nama (i.e. Bhajan), for a particular time duration, will not only yield material and spiritual benefits to the individual but also to the society in general.

In the present times, Ramanama Japa is the easiest Japa and one can easily make others also to do this Japa. Our predecessor devotees / bhaktas in the past have practised and well proved the power and salutary benefits of Rama nama japa, to self as well as the society at large. One can start Ramanama Japa even without necessary initiation by a Guru and it does not expect any rigorous conditions.

A japa expects only DEVOTION and  COMMITMENT

It is believed that one mode of divine nama Bhajana (Japa) daily by a congregation for some duration would give many fold benefits not only to the individuals participating in the bhajan but also to the society, because of immense positive vibrations generated by chanting of a divine nama. Everyone knows that any sound generates vibrations which travel in the air and those vibrations affect one’s feelings, thoughts and sometimes action also.

Rama nama is a divine nama and when japas or bhajans of this divine Rama nama take place they will generate divine vibrations which cause good effects to individuals and to the society at large. But nowadays to arrange for daily congregations for bhajans is not so convenient for devotees to gather at a particular place and time, apart from other problems associated with organising such bhajans on a continuous daily basis.

While it is not convenient to arrange for daily bhajans as explained above and also when Rama Nama Japa is vested with immense benefits, then how one would derive and passon the benefits of a bhajan from out of a solo Japa at different places by different individuals to the society.

To overcome to some extent the above problems, we would request everyone to spare 15 minutes daily for LIFE-LONG and do the under mentioned Rama Nama Japa during atleast in one and only one of the 15 – minute time slots selected as per one’s own convernience at one’s own place of choice. (There is no place restriction). In other words, for this exclusive individual Japa / bhajana one need not necessarily go to a temple or join a bhajana group or go to a particular place. But for the purpose of globalisation, if almost everyone in the world joins in this Movement and chants the same selected Rama Nama, then better results are expected. Further it is experienced that regular Japa or chanting of one and the same divine Nama by one and all will yield much more better results to the society. Therefore, one and only one mode or or style of Rama Nama is selected for chanting/Japa/Bhajan by everone in the woulrd to achieve global uniformity and unification and that is as under :


There are 96, fifteen-minute time – slots in a day of 24 hours and they are given in the table below to facilitate selection of your own time-slot convenient to you. For the purpose of uniformity and counting the first 15 – minute time – slot will commence from 6 A.M.

After selection of any of the above time – slots suitable to one’s own convenience, please adhere everyday to the same time – slot selected by you. Incase, on any particular day if it is not possible to adhere to your selected time -slot you may do the Japa in any other time – slot convenient to you on that day only, but you have to rejoin your initially selected time -slot at the earliest. Please intimate once as one time only by telephone / post card / e-mail, your place, name and date of commencement, and time-slot (time-slots) selected by you and telephone number for the purpose of storing the data in our computer system for future requirements.

Please takeup the japa DAILY without fail for LIFE-LONG and also make your other members of family, relatives and friends to take up the japa daily at one of the above convenient time – slots with a strong resolve (Sankalpa) for achievement of the undermentioned virtues for the benefit of everyone and to the society at large in the world.

(I) for global peace

(II) for harmony among people of different religions in the world

(III) for health and prosperity of all

(IV) for destruction of terrorist and anti- social forces in the world

(V) for establishment of a good social order, peace and justice in the world.

We request you to spread this appeal to everyone in your family, relatives and friends in India and abroad by e-mail system for the purpose of globalisation. With all your cooperation, we expect, initially, at least 30 lakh devotees to join in this MOVEMENT at the earliest under all time-slots put together which will result in 90 crores of Rama Nama Japa per day. We are also sending this appeal to our relatives and friends all over the world. Kindly extend your coopertion to make this globe RESOUND with the above mode of Rama japa.

Please start Japa / Bhajan / Chanting from today and inform as mentioned above. Please extend your CO-OPERATION by enrolling atleast ten members or more and take this Global Movement forward.

Kindly communicate your affirmation and suggestions if any.

In a nut-shell what all you have to do is given as under :

1) Mode of Japa : Sri Rama Jaya Rama Jaya Jaya Rama

2) Duration of Japa : 15 minutes daily (as per your own time-slot selected from the above tables)

3) For how many days? : Everyday – LIFE LONG (with faith and devotion)

4) Where to do Japa? : Any place of your choice (No place restrictions)

5) Voice mode of Japa : In low / medium voice (without disturbing others)

6) Whom to inform? : Any of the persons mentioned below

(once and once only as one time by post card / telephone / e-mail)

7) What to inform? : Your place, Name, date of commencement and time-slot selected by you

(for the purpose of computer data – base)

8. Who are eligible for the Japa : All are eligible of all ages

9) Other Help from you : Enrol atleast 10 persons and more in this Movement.

10)Goal of this Movement : To achieve individual / Global peace and other benefits mentioned above